Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day. March 14. 3/14/ or pi = 3.14

I had lunch today with two of my neighbors. It was Debbie's birthday and our youngish male neighbor Keith (who helps her around the house) invited me to join them. He and I are LOST buddies - the wonderful tv show that is on wednesday nights.

The lunch was at Red Lobster and was very nice. Talking to Debbie, who has lived across the street from me for 8 years and getting to know Keith a little better. Debbie and I are neighborly, saying hi and sharing gossip when we see each other, but not really into each others lives. When we sat down at the table, she told me right away how much she missed Jim and his greeting her when he saw her on the street. She said he always took time to say hello. It was a good remembrance and a memory that I had forgotten. As she was telling me, right away I remembered him waving to her from the truck and as we came out of the house and she was going in or out of her house. He was like that with all our neighbors.

Keith had never met Jim so we moved on to other subjects. Mostly gossip about the other neighbors, comparing notes on the new ones and wondering about the ones that have moved away.

When we got home I took the dogs out for a walk before the rain came. The rain was actually just a sprinkle that lasted a few hours. The dogs hate to go out back to do their business when it is raining. But it is funny, if it was raining and I were to say 'walk', they would be up and ready with no problem.

I figured out using a dog age calculator that Mercury is 45 in human years and Tigger is 49 in human years. Figaro the cat is 77!! In real life, Mercury is acting like an 80 yr old and Tigger is acting like a 25 yr old.

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Lynnbug said...

77! Wow! I hope both my babies live that long in human years. I cant imagine them not bieng around.