Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hot tub dreams

I wish I had a hot tub in the basement. Not just a hot tub but a spa like room to go to and relax. No tv. No phone. Just some nice piped in music and my kindle to read some silly romantic novel. It would be all white and there would be a super thick bathrobe and some towel boys to rub me down at the end....okay, well even just a nice hot tub would be fun.

It was a good weekend for getting stuff done. Saturday friends came to help me straignten the back laundry room/tool storage area. My one friend is an organizing fiend and loves to do this kind of thing so I let her go nuts. We had a scrumptious steak house dinner afterwards and today I was just a total bag of do nothingness.

Every once in awhile I need one of those days. To have the spa room in the basement would make it easier as a get away. I wonder if I could make it a secret room. Maybe put a wall up and then paint that with some old boxes, tools, cobwebs, dust and assorted stuff you find in a basement and that would keep others from bothering me.

I am going to start working on this.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The last two weeks

The last two weeks have been crazy. No "down" time since the 6th. Every night has been a meeting of some kind. Every day has had some drama in it.

Locked myself out of my house.

Two days in a row.

I was able to get in with help from a neighbor who crawled thru my window and the second time by calling the woman that walks my dogs and getting my key.

I left to go to work without taking my morning medicine.

Two days (well, not in a row but in this week).

I volunteered at our Community Health Fair, took Tigger to the vet, got Zoey transported to the house, helped at the pot luck dinner for the neighborhood group, had a staff meeting at work, took Zoey to the vet, had a birthday dinner and then finally, finally was able to just crash at home for an evening.

That was a lot crammed into 2 weeks and I guess it makes up for all those days of Summer when it was too hot to do anything!

I had intended to blog every other day, but man, by the time I had a chance to stop and breathe, I was too darn tired to blog.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit.

Zoey pics

From this morning, 9.24.2010

Zoey update

The roll I was on for Blogging in August didn't last into September. Why? well one word can explain it.


She is here and doing well but it has been a non-stop ride of things to do, people to meet and places to go with her.

Zoey and Tigger have settled into a nice style of living. Sort of like dorm mates or house mates. They each have their own sleeping space and they have their shared space and they have their spot on the couch with me, so we are all happy. I was not worried too much because Tigger had done this before - foster dogs in the house - but she hadn't done it in awhile and she hadn't done it without Mercury to back her up. But it is all working out.

Happily, Zoey is NOT pregnant. Or, at least, not pregnant enough to stop her from getting spayed. That will be happening next week. YAY!!! One bullet dodged.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Trying not to get too excited.

Trying not to go out and go crazy buying stuff.

Trying not to think to hard whether this was the right or wrong thing to do.

On Saturday night somewhere around midnight or maybe one a.m. I was cruising Facebook and saw this picture.

A Dalmatian in a kill shelter in NC. She is young, but not sure how young or old. She was to be put to sleep on wednesday. She needed help. A friend posted this and I took one look, debated with myself for a moment and then send him a note saying "I'll take her as a foster". She didn't even have a name. Just F5804. I told my friend her new name is Zoey.

Since then we have contacted a Dalmatian Dog Rescue group down there and they are getting her out on tuesday to go to the vets. She will stay there for check-up and shots and testing for various things like heartworm and such.

She will then be transported via friends from NC up here to me.

Jim and I did this sort of thing for over five years when we lived in the Boston area. I loved it and he always seemed ready for anything I threw at him. Once, driving home from here to Boston I called to tell him of a pick up. A Dal in a shelter in NJ (just off 95). He picked her up, brought her home and then told me that she sat almost on his lap the whole time she was so excited to be out of the shelter and around a human (or so he said).

My nervousness is that I am not sure how Tigger will take it and there is nthing really known about the dog and how she will react to another dog or if she is even housebroken or trained in anyway. I am thinking Tigger will be okay, she will want to be Queen Bee, but I also think she is lonely after losing Mercury and Figaro.

Updates will follow as I learn more!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September, oh Yes

September is here!

Yes. September is a fun month. The start of school, a few birthdays (mine included), the beginning of touches of fall and a nip in the air.

The pic is one taken from the front porch of our house in Randolph about 10 years ago. I loved sitting on that porch and watch the sun go down. Twilight hour was always a wonderful time.

A long day of work or fun was over, the night was settling in and there was almost like a changing of the guard. Certain sounds faded away and others came out.

This is sort of what the first few weeks of fall is. A changing of the guard from summer to winter. An easing into the cool nights, warmer clothes and falling leaves. One day would be a remembrance of the heat and the next could be a look forward to the cold to come. There is no way to know what Fall will do with the temperatures. A night worthy of a trip to the Drive In and the next day a blazing hot afternoon designed for a barbecue and pool party.

Somewhere the end of September will show us the settling in of Fall and the colors explode and the nights drop in temperature so there is no question about no more AC but just a wonder when to the heat on for the first time.

Yep, September.