Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sound of Music

Think, Sound of Music. Julie Andrews.

Oh wait, not Julie Andrews but rather the oldest girl who is in love with the young man that becomes a member of Hitler's Nazi's and betrays them (Rowlf?). But this is before that - out in the yard, in the pagoda..."You are 16 going on 17, baby its time to think..." (humming, 'doo do doo da da do doo' ... I can't remember the rest of the words).

Now think. It's Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday.

And this came into my head "It is wednesday, going on thursday, oh what thiiings to do, pretty in pink and oh what to think, I better get back to work..." Of course, sung following the same tune as 16 going on 17. And I am in purple not pink, but that doesn't rhyme as well.

So that will be the song running thru my head today. Oh boy. Often that happens. A song I hear or even just reminded of, will start running thru and then never leave. I try to get it out by thinking of other songs and that works for awhile, but it comes back.

The real issue today is a post I read on a message board that I frequent. The OP (original poster) wrote -
"Love Is A Fallacy - Let's stop kidding ourselves. Love is nothing more than a result of the various serotonin and dopamine levels in our bodies. To suggest anything otherwise is a fool's errand."

Then followed 4 pages of other posters trying to get him to see that love is a great thing and can happen to anyone. It was good to see how many people believe in love and have found love. Many others that say they haven't found 'the right one' are still holding on to the idea that there is someone to share there life with, even if they haven't yet.

The first poster said in later posts that he hasn't found his 'perfect woman' and doesn't think she will show up. Many more posts about him getting up and going out, meeting people and even being more flexible in his standards or 'dream girl'.

I wrote a long post about meeting the 'right one' and how even if he wasn't my dream guy, he was the right one for me. As I wrote it I thought about what my dream guy is and realized that my dream has changed. What I wanted 20 years ago is not what I know I need or want now. Of course not, because I am not the same as I was then. I thought about how anyone could match the emotions I feel for Jim and realized also that of course they couldn't, but that doesn't mean new emotions won't come along. I can't say I could love someone else, at least not at this point, but I also realize from reading what others have written that it may be possible. Or, it may not, who knows. I did realize that I can be flexible in my expectations and that is something I see as important in a relationship.

I deleted the post I was going to send. Mainly because I don't think he would get it. I wasn't saying much different then what others had written and he was not understanding it. I feel sorry that he seems to have closed himself up so much. And I am happy to have found love with Jim, but also love with my friends.


Rach said...

Thank you so much, my dear. ;o) "I am 32 going on 33, and now this song is stay in my head 'til I go to bed, running around in my ear." :oP Actually, I LOVE "The Sound of Music" so I'll be smiling and dancing my day away and the children will all be wondering what in the world is wrong with me. ;o)

As for the man on the bulletin board, how sad for him. Love is the greatest and best, and I absolutely understand the message you were trying to get across. It might have helped to add your voice to those others, but I certainly understand why you didn't.

Sharon said...

Okay, to keep the theme running..."I am 56 going on 57...and I love that song and musical also.

As I mentioned in a previous post, while I loved my husband for the few years we were married, it didn't take long before I saw that my love was not returned even by half, and that begins to erode the love that does exist...and certainly makes the seesaw one-sided...always a battle -- when, honestly, it shouldn't be THAT hard if our love is returned.

Anyway, I appreciate your differentiation between the "loves" (husband, friends) C.S. Lewis does a masterful work in his book (or audio) The Four Loves, describing the different intents in our "love" life.

Can't wait to see which song is running through your head next, Betsy...