Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December descends

I took a break in November. It was actually interesting because I had things happen that I wanted to blog about but then ran into timing problems. Like NO TIME.

November started and ended as a pretty emotional month. Jim and I would have celebrated our 21st year wedding anniversary on November 4th. Instead I stayed home from work and had a day of total nothingness. No chores, errands, interaction with anyone.

On the 5th my brother came and spent the weekend. He worked on my bathroom which was in bad need of repair and updating. We had a good time interacting with each other and that was needed. He got the bathroom finished to the basics - new floor, new pedestal sink, medicine cabinet gone, walls painted and then left it for me to decorate. Now that is where the fun came in. Out with the old shower curtains, out with the old towels, out with the old toothbrush and toilet holder, out with the old wall cabinet. I got new everything and bed bath and beyond loves me! It looks very fresh and just what I needed.

One thing I learned while my brother was here was how to use the cordless drill/screwdriver. I didn't know that to put a screw in, you have to drill a hole first....I always wondered why it didn't work right for me. I felt very empowered after putting together the new cabinet and attaching it to the wall correctly. The cabinet took two nights (3 hours each) to actually build - and lots of cussing and dropping things and having things not fit right and putting them on backwards and such. But I got it done. All by myself!!!

Moving on to Thanksgiving. That was an interesting weekend. I had dinner at a friends and it was great. But all the neighbors were away and 3 of them asked me to watch their dogs and cats. It was fun bopping around to the houses and it broke up my day. I hadn't planned any trips or such. I just wanted to work in the house.

So novemeber is done. December descends upon us. I have holiday cards and cookies to bake and am going to see my brother at the end of the month.