Friday, February 27, 2009

TGIF who is knocking?

Wow. What a way to start the day.

I am almost all ready for work, just to the point of putting on clothes and running out the door. Oh, I do this last because of the dog hair that adheres to work clothing if I am in it as I have breakfast and such. Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door. The dogs are not barking. I run down in tee shirt and sweats and there is a volunteer from the church asking for my key to the parish house which I tell him I can't give or lend him. He left his cell phone there. He needs it. He will wait for me to get ready. I go GrrrrGrrrr a couple times, I run back upstairs, change and run back down. He drives me the three blocks to the church, I run in, get his phone and he drives me back home. I jump in the car and go to work. I am only five minutes late, so I am happy.

What a great way to start a Friday. Blood is pumping, stress and blood pressure up. The volunteer is an older man that does great work but has been known to lend his copy of the key out to others of less secure nature. The locks have been changed and he was not given a new key for this reason.

I called the Pastor Alice to let her know of this morning fun and she said thank you for sticking to your guns. The ironic twist was that I thought it was her knocking on the door because we had gone out for supplies for the church just last night and she said she would drop them off at my house today. She has also watched my dogs so I thought that may be why they weren't barking.
Well the volunteer event I thought of and organized is happening tomorrow. Say prayers that all goes well and without too many hitches. The church I volunteer at is not of my faith acclimation but is connected to my job (and the pastor is a neighbor and my dog sitter). I have been in the parish house many months doing Energy assistance applications for residents and assisting in affordable housing and utility turn off notices. It is paperwork, but it is dealing with people in need.

I have looked around and seen things that are in desperate need of repair for the church. A handicap ramp that is wood but the wood is rotting away, windows needing some winterization, a couple rooms in the parish house needing cleaning, the food pantry organized and new shelves constructed. I went to our neighborhood improvement group and suggested a 'give it back to the church' day. The church is a strong part of the neighborhood and gives much to both permanent residents and the homeless in need, but still also residents of our community. So it came together and we are going to be busy tomorrow. Hoorah!!

I will look at this morning as a glass half full and say the encounter got my blood fulling and mind working and that is a good thing on any day.


Sharon said...

Dear Betsy,

I am teary eyed as I read your post. I'm thankful for your 'selfless' eyes that see others' needs...and the feet that you put into action to do something about the problem. You are an inspiration...I'll pray for everyone's safety as they work, and that the church body would be blessed by the generous gifts, and would, in turn, continue to give and help and....the cycle continues. Blessings on your weekend,

Rach said...

Betsy, I hope all went according to plan and that nasty weather didn't affect your plans.

What a way to start the day, though. Wow.