Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie watching cleaning

I am stalling here. Stalling because today I am going to try (again) to complete the one hour cleaning in a room. The theory is fifteen minutes, but I know my rooms won't handle that.

That said I am going to clean Jim style. With headphones on and music cranked so I can focus on the cleaning. It was a quirk of his. After a couple hours of that, I take the headphones off and pop in a movie. A long epic that I know well and can move through the house listening to if I am not in the same room as it is playing. He would do that also.

The movie watching- cleaning was amusing because he had some particular movies he would watch - Gone with the wind, Giant, Ben hur, Patton, Cleopatra, and The Ten Commandments, just to name a few. He would go thru a room cleaning and dusting and vacuuming while I was in another room cleaning. He would be reciting lines sometimes and sometimes it would get quiet and I would hear just the movie, stick my head in the room and see him watching a critical scene. Of course, these were movies he knew almost by heart, but he still would stop to watch. It always made me smile. Coming in to sit next to him and having him cuddle for a moment till the scene was over made it all worthwhile.

So I am going to start this cleaning thing now. And listen to some music and watch a movie.


Rach said...

I hope you managed to tackle that cleaning, Betsy. I think Jim was on to something with his method. :o)

Sharon said...

Each Saturday morning, a local DJ plays music from the 50s and 60s -- everything from Do-Wop groups to Dean Martin, Elvis, Connie Francis, etc. I find that I can get both cleaning and laundry done between about 9am and noon, when he signs off...BTW, this DJ was on my nightstand radio when I was a teenager -- talk about comfort ;) -- and I definitely sing and dance along to the tunes,,,

Lynnbug said...

Come clean my house when your done! I havent had the proper time for that in FOREVER!