Sunday, March 1, 2009

Technically 21

It was a short February. Only 28 days. The 29th of the month is actually today. March 1st. Or I guess it isn't. So, 21 months since Jim died is not really a day.

At 21 months, looking back, seems like a longer trip than it sounds. The last month has been one that has just let me stop for more than a couple quick breaths and then on to try and grab the fast moving train that is life right now.

There is one thing I am doing now that I haven't before and that is talking out loud to Jim. I have talked to him in my head, but never really walked around the house speaking to him. I am now. Maybe that is just lonliness, but I am thinking it is more me still feeling his presence. And I like that.


Rach said...

Definitely you feeling his presence. I talk out loud to Hannah all the time. It helps me feel closer to her somehow. :o)

Sharon said...

WOW!!! Feeling blessed today to have found you, and your and Jim's stories, almost 21 months ago. You are an inspiration for me in the way you have lived your life in light of such a trial for you. Have a blessed week,