Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mismatched Socks

I meant to be better this year about posting, but time has been eaten up with things to do. Of course one of those things preventing the posting is cuddling on the couch with the dogs after dinner. And then falling asleep on the couch. And then waking to my own snoring and the dogs shuffling around. I am becoming my Mom. She would do that, instead of with dogs, it would be us kids.
I have tried to do more straightening and be more motivated in keeping the house clean, but it is an uphill battle. It sounds odd but I am down to the last two loads of dirty laundry to do. It is the laundry I don't wear and need to pack away for the winter. They will be done and packed away on Saturday.
I did laundry Monday night and sat sorting socks. I am always amazed at how many socks don't come back. I match and roll the ends up and I have these poor left over guys. I save them for the weekend and am not adverse to wearing mismatched socks. Not just throw them in a drawer and forgotten.
Oh. Analogy. Are we widows like the socks whose mate has disappeared? Our soulmates, the other half of us, gone. Lost forever. Now we are forgotten and wondering what to do, how to survive and when we will be useful again. Sometimes the socks can be matched up with others and that is good, sometimes just tossed away, or bundled up and sent to thrift store. Sounds silly, but it just popped into my head.
My solution to the missing sock of the pair is to buy several of the same color and style. I guess I should have cloned a few of Jim so I would have one in reserve. Ah, but then they don't always seem to fit the same as the original pair/couple, so maybe the cloning wouldn't work. Michael Keaton in Multiplicity comes to mind.
Like in the movie, imagine four Jim's. Of course, the original, yes, we needed that one around to keep us on track. The first clone is the Hardworking in his field one, yep, I can see that coming from Jim. He had that ability to be able to focus on accomplished the tasks given and the challenge that came with that. Second in the movie was the Good Housekeeping one, yep, I can see that too from Jim. Jim was great at putting on a movie or some music and cleaning or doing dishes or ironing. He grumbleed but once he got into it he was a sight to see. Last in the movie was the Silly one, yep, definately a Jim personality. Jim loved to make people laugh and he had his own special way of doing it. And if you haven't seen the movie, rent or netflix it today. It will make you laugh! Good old fashioned family comedy.
So, the clones were all somewhat mismatched but all came from the same source. Sort of like all my mismatched but still the same color/style socks. My stream of consciousness writing is just zooming around today. Oh boy. I think I am done now.


Rach said...

Hee hee, you wrote like I always seem to, lol. :o)

I sympathize with your mismatched socks analogy. I wish there were some way I could get your match for you.

Oh, and I sympathize with doing laundry. UGH. I HATE doing laundry. I'm good about tossing it in the washer and dryer, but often that seems to be as far as it gets. Oops. ;o)

Lynnbug said...

I am one person and I have more mis matched socks than matched ones. That is something I will never figure out!

Laura said...

Haha. I have the same trouble with my socks and I never thought of it in the way that you have.But it completely makes sense.

Rach said...

Hi Betsy! Just dropping in to let you know I was thinking about you and hope all is well and that you and the Spotties aren't too frozen up there.