Friday, January 2, 2009

Hotel Rooms

Travels thru the years.

The last hotel room we stayed in together was in Gettysburg. We went up there while Jim was studying to get his USPS appointment. It was a get away from the house sort of weekend. A couple hours from the house and a nice country drive. The memory came back today as a friend and I drove into PA.

That trip to Gettysburg was a spur of the moment one. Jim needed some quiet time to study. I went out in the morning and gave him time to concentrate - I went shopping at the outlets that were near by. Whee. Later on we went to dinner and ended up in the hotel pool, swimming at 10pm. It was a little wild and crazy, but that was the point. To be able to cut loose a bit. It was just for two nights and it was a nice break.

Trips with Jim were always fun. There was a relaxed feeling as we travelled. We didn't really care where we were going, as long as we were together. It had been like that throughout our marriage.

Our first hotel room that we stayed in together was in Ocean City on our honeymoon. The honeymoon destination was a surprise - I had no idea where we were going for the honeymoon, but I trusted Jim to make it someplace special. And he did.

We stayed a week at the Carousel hotel and I can still remember waking up and thinking how wonderful the day was. To be there with my husband. Someone that loved me so much that he wanted me to be his wife. What a wonderous thought.

That morning I fed seagulls from our balcony in my silk robe and nothing underneath. To feel the sun on my face and see the deep pink and rose colors from the morning sun breaking over the water. It was a serene moment.

Jim and I relaxed and watched tv. Batman and robin and land of the giants and some other shows from the 60's were on in the mornings. We both enjoyed them and it was cool to be with someone that was on that same brain line as you. It was a connection that was strong through all of our years.


Laura said...

Happy New Year Betts... These are beautiful memories. My wish for you is a moment of calm and a bit of peace this coming year.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing those memories, Betsy! One of my favorites was travelling to northern Wyoming for a friend's wedding with my two children. The motel had a pool surrounded by tables, where all the wedding guests could gather and visit. I have pictures of my children in the pool -- they loved it!!!

Rach said...

Gorgeous memories. Those are what keep us going, huh?

Thanks for sharing and big fat HUGS!

Evanesco said...

Keep holding on to those beautiful memories. Sending you the Light. :)