Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch up

Holy smokes. I blew the resolution to blog more out of the water. In my defense, work has been very busy the last week. More than usual. We have a new employee and because of her needs as a manager they moved me from my office into an office up the hallway. It is a bigger room which is nice, but it is lonlier because everyone is down at the other end.

So, I have been coming home and crashing.

I also started a memory post a couple days ago that may take awhile to finish. I wrote down the years Jim and I were married and then what I could remember happening in those years. So far I am only a few years into our marriage and it is interesting to see what things pop out of my head. Trivial and important moments. I guess it's like a timeline for the 17 years and I'm putting it together year by year. I am not sure if I will ever post this, but writing it is fun.

The weekend will be a four day holiday and I am not sure what I will do with those four days. I am close to DC but I am definately not going there. It will be crazy and crowded and cold. I am excited about the event, but not interested in participating.

More to come later!

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Sharon said...

However you spend the long weekend, Betsy...enjoy and relax.