Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year! It's been 2009 for almost three hours and things are going well so far!


Rach said...

Happy New Year, Betsy!

Sharon said...

I echo Rach's Happy New Year, Betsy!!! Loved the time stamp for your post, BTW...I was zonked at that hour after all the fireworks ended :0) Have a blessed New Years Day --

Betts4 said...

Thanks! I had gone to a party last night with a lot of good friends. Friends that knew Jim and missed him and understood when I needed a moment of time to myself. And friends that then came to just sit with me as I needed. It made what last year was hell, into a nice evening. Maybe the one year later thing made a difference too.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciated receiving your comment on my blog. Thank you.

Unfortunately, I seldom get the time to post lately-

I understand your loss. Please join us (if you are not already a member) at We are a very verbal and supportive group of young widows and we would welcome your input.

Sending hopes and prayers for a peaceful 2009,
xoxo L.

Linda said...

Happy New Year Betts!!