Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was tossed back into a memory. A happy one. Last night the cinema club that Jim and I belong to had their annual dinner. Around the tables were photos of various events.
Many were ones that I had taken myself, but this one I am posting was a group club photo and when I picked it up, I realized I had not seen it before. That it in it was Jim and it was a new Jim pic to me. I have found that any time I find photos of Jim that I haven't seen before it is a treasure. This was not really anything special, except to me. But I wanted to share it.
Halloween 2004.
And of course, that is him in the front on the right side with the flannel shirt and the grin. I am standing behind him with my grin and a hold on my man. Jim and his flannel shirts. When he wasn't in work/dress clothes, he was then in flannel or hawaiian or a tee shirt with a superhero on it. I still have some of each of them and can't seem to let them go yet. But, what we are seeing there is also a Jim at a peak point, he was feeling good, work was going well and he had turned 50 just a few days earlier. He was a happy guy and I think it shows a little in this pic.
Until I wrote that, I hadn't realized that was what I was thinking when I looked at the picture, but it is very true. I am glad the picture was there last night to remind me of that slice of time.


Rach said...

This is indeed a treasure, Betsy. :o) How wonderful to discover it. Jim was indeed a happy (and blessed!) man. :o)

Sharon said...

...and your smile is evident of your pleasure and happiness. Have a great week, Betsy, and keep smilin'