Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey day evening

Thanksgiving evening.

Full of turkey. Full of family fun. Full of a lot of good thoughts.

Just wanted to write this because my mind has been going most of the day at full speed. I am winding down now, but it is the kind of winding down where all of a sudden you are 'boom', dropping off to sleep. That is coming soon I know.

I had a great day spending time with my brother and his family. My nieces are wonderful and I am wishing that I had been more in their lives before this. They have embraced me totally and it is really neat. Tonight as we were doing dishes my sister in law asked what I was doing for Christmas.

That gave me a really good feeling. I was family.

I write this because my brother has lived far away from me for many years. 20 or more. So we were not able to be a part of each others families lives and to get to know each other or watch neices grow up. It has been that way with all the siblings - not really close geographically, so not really close in family events - birthdays and holidays and such. It is nice to find after all these years that the tie is still there.

Both my nieces took me in and talked to me, showed me around the house, let me hold the baby and let me help them make some of the dishes for tonights dinner. Friendly and outgoing, it made the day a good time.

I think I hear some pecan pie calling my name.


Lynnbug said...

Iam so glad you had such a good time with your family! Family can be a wonderful thing and you shouldnt regret the past - just know that you have now to enjoy them to their fullest!

Sharon said...

YAY!!!!!!! How neat that you were welcomed, and included so warmly. Your nieces were raised well, if they take it upon themselves to be open, friendly and hospitable.

I have a number of nieces, and most were at our gathering yesterday, and were missed. My oldest niece's first pregnancy was announced before dinner to large applause, whistles and hoots. Nothing like new parents and babies, and watching the next generation come into their own...