Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T day!

Thanksgiving. Again. Where did the year go.
I think I am saying that phrase at almost every major holiday. The days seem to whiz on by and suddenly we are at the end of the year again. Phew.
I hope a good holiday is found by all. Turkey day is my favorite day. I just love turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas and cranberry sauce. YUM!!
I have gone to many thanksgiving dinners and have cooked and hosted many over the years. My first one was the first year away from home and several of my friends got together - none of us could make it home, so we each brought a 'dish'. I made the turkey. When I carved it, I realized that there was something inside. Yep, I cooked the neck and bag of stuff. I never had seen my mom actually take that stuff out. Oh well, it still tasted really good.
When we lived in Boston my Mom came to visit for Thanksgiving dinner. I will always remember that because it is the last time I saw my mom alive. It was also the visit that she told me she was so happy I married Jim and that he has been so good to me and for me over the years. She told me that he was her favorite spouse of one of her children. I know she loved it when he showed up to pick them up at the airport and had flowers for her (I was at work and didnt know it).
Last year when I was at my sisters for Thanksgiving, I performed a ceremony of remembrance. I am visiting my brother this year and am not sure if I will be able to do this again. I will do it when I come home, maybe before Christmas, but not at my bro's. It's a comfort factor.
This is an exciting visit out to my brothers, it is a first time visit for me to his house so I will be on totally unfamiliar turf. Excited but a little nervous. So, as odd as it sounds, I am taking my own pillow (the one with Jim's shirt buttoned around it under the pillowcase). I smile because that is basically taking up most of the suitcase, so I had to pack less clothes. Not that I need a lot of clothes for 3 days, but I still found it amusing. Ah the little things in life.

So, on this note, I go back to the tough job of thinking about the glorious turkey that awaits.


Lynnbug said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have areat trip!

Sharon said...


I'm so glad you have plans for Thanksgiving (something to be thankful for :) I hope your time at your brother's home will be a delight.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories, was the year we moved to Oregon, and my Montana family came for the holiday. I was excited to host the family and prepare a turkey for the first time!I was also in the early months of my second pregnancy, so when I began to prepare the turkey, I was overcome with nausea, and my two sisters finished the prep work.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!