Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not quite humbug

The beginning of the Christmas holidays is closing in. I am feeling better this year at this time, then I was last year at this time. But my partner in this is missing. I am not sure if I wrote about it last year or not, but Jim was the spirit of Christmas. I mean, he would really get into decorating the tree and putting up lights and sending cards out and my 'feel' to the holiday was me getting caught up in his happiness. I am going today to do some gift shopping for others and maybe being out and about will help.
These two pics were taken up north at my friends house in NH. Her two sons and our dog Gryphon were just chilling with Jim. It was sometime around Christmas or New Years I believe. The photos were taken with a 35mm film camera so the color is a bit off after all this time. But it makes it more fun.

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Lynnbug said...

The holidays are always the hardest time for a lot of people. It is when we miss the ones we love the most--probably because we loved sharing the holidays with them. The more I read about the Jim, the more I learn that he just loved life! He loved being with his family and friends and he sounds like such a cut up. He would want you to continue to enjoy the holidays and make new and wonderful memories. Have a great Thanksgiving!