Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bizarro Dream

i just woke up.

its 6 15am. i can't see the keyboard through the sleepy eyes.

i had to write this down.


That was written this morning. I woke from a dream and lay thinking about it for a couple seconds and realized I needed to write it down. It had very clear images and was in color and even good 'sound'. I wrote it down but it was in some strange early morning not awake language so I am translating -

I was in a car with my friend Cindy and an old old boss of mine (of Jim and mine). We started out talking about Cindy's cat (cindy doesn't own a cat) and how Cindy's cat was to be used to 'service' another friends cat. Cindy wasn't sure it could be done without some human being scratched. The old boss asked if the cat still had claws and I was sitting in the back seat and in my head (in my head in my dream) I envisioned Cindy pushing on the cats paw to extend the claws. She didn't do that in the dream, I just imagined it. You with me so far?

Cindy said something about her cat not being the problem but the other cat, 'man he has some claws.' And we all laughed. I stopped to think about how her male cat was going to service the other male cat and then in an instant the thought left me.

The old boss then asked how I was doing and was I missing Jim a lot. I said yes of course, I miss his laughter. Then he said "oh well we didn't know he laughed, we only knew him as a blood sucking leech, you knew him a lot better" (yes a quote from a dream).

Cindy and I both told the guy in loud voices for a car that Jim was always laughing. The guy then asked if I would give a 5 minute speech at a dinner in Jim's honor.

It was then that Cindy asked me if she should make this turn and I said yes and suddenly we were way off going the way home. I realized we were in the wrong part of town and having to double back to get to the house. I started to say this and point, and then woke up.

All I could think of was what I wanted to say "I knew him as a man of laughter, so full of laughter.

"blood sucking leech". That's a hell of a term to hear in a dream. Hunh. Interesting because the old old boss is the one that fired Jim suddenly and with no warning or reason. Also interesting because my other good friend who knew both the old boss and Jim was talking to me last night. I guess that got stuck in my head.

Not quite sure what my brain was doing with Cindy's cat.

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