Monday, October 13, 2008

What a weekend

Family gatherings are certainly both fun and exhausting. We held a memorial service - a celebration of life - for my father this past saturday.

There were many friends and many relatives. Relatives that I had not seen since I was much younger. Cousins and Aunts and it was just great to sit and chat with them. That time travel feeling. Here is cousin Ken and in my mind there is the memory I have of him at 17 and the reality of him at 51 merging together. It also seemed interesting because I was the only one of my family that recognized him, and yet I was the youngest when the last time we saw him. My Aunt Sue from Texas was there and she was the same chirpy lady that I remember.

My brother spoke at the memorial about his memories and thoughts of our father. As he was speaking I was crossing things off of my notes as he touched on them. I got up to say a few words and the words were much fewer. I found that I speak much better on paper (or in blog) then I do out loud. My remenirences were of my father's artistic gift and the beauty of this that he passed on to me. As an artist and an architect he taught/showed me the wonder of looking at things with a different eye. I love to take photographs and capture this.

My cousins had me come back to the hotel to hang out and socialize more. We played UNO and they had beers (I don't drink) and we talked about old times and caught up with new times. At about 1 a.m. we all started crashing and I took a 'power nap'. I lay in bed with my cousin Pam on one side, my cousin Craig and Kerren in the other bed. I listened to Craig snore, Kerren smack him as he snored and the traffic outside. I woke at about 2 and realized I was just a half hour from home and what was I doing here? Driving home was easy - no cars on the road.

I thought about the day as I drove home and was very pleased. It was a good day of memories, sharing love that we had for my dad and reuniting.


Rach said...

The family reunion is always the best part of memorial services. The reason for the get together is always hard, but seeing family and reminiscing is just wonderful. :o)

I'm glad that you had a fun time in spite of the sorrowful reason you were getting together.

Sharon said...

So-o-o, a "chirpy" aunt...I wonder if that is, or will be, my nieces and nephews description of me :)

Betsy, I would love to see more of your photography...I guess I'm encouraging you to post more of your work. I also love photography, but keep it simple due to cost restraints on equipment - family and friends and simple things...

Blessings on your week,

Lynnbug said...

I agree--your photography is wonderful!

I am glad you had a good weekend.

Betts4 said...

Thank you all for your thoughts. Photography is a creative outlet and one that my father and Jim both encouraged.

I learned this weekend that my fathers artistic talent came from my grandmother (his mother) and I would never have guessed that in a million years. She was always the old cranky grandmom in the big old house. It was nice to know she had that side to her.