Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing things

You never know how much you will miss it till it is gone.

Sounds pretty sappy and such, but really, you just don't know. Yes, I am missing Jim. But this past weekend the cat got out and ran off. He is a cat that has never been outside in the city and I envisioned all kinds of horrible fates. When I was on the couch with the dogs on either side and no cat laying behind me and purring, I missed him. I hadn't realized before, while I had been bitching about cleaning his kitty litter how much a part of my life he is.

He was found last night. I went out walking around and looking and after an hour I came home. He was next to my steps waiting for me.

My car. I didn't realize back in 2005 how much I would miss not being able to drive. Yet, I adjusted and got used to it. Then I got my license back and am driving. I came out of the house today to see a flat tire. Argh. I took a taxi to work and thought about how much I missed just in that short of a time, my car.

It is interesting how the little things can be missed as much as the big things. I remember there was a particular brand salsa that Jim really liked. It was his 'perfect' brand. The store we shopped didn't stock it anymore. We had a couple weeks or so of no good salsa. Jim roamed the stores looking to see who else had it. He missed that salsa. He even went so far as to fill out a customer request form for it.

Tomorrow is the ceremony for someone I miss. My Dad. He has always been around to talk to, help me out, give me advice and back me up. He is missed by more than just me, but especially me.


Rach said...

You know, I never would have thought i would miss fussing at Hannah, but even that is missed. I get what you are writing here.

Big HUGS and prayers as you get through tomorrow.

Sharon said...


Praying that you will be filled with a peace and contentment for your day...and that you will be blessed in a special way...