Saturday, October 4, 2008


Cleaning off a desk that was piled high with photos, bills, old papers and cards. Woosh.

Of course the fun in this - besides a clean desk - is finding stuff! I found, a roll of undeveloped film. Real 35mm film, so it is old. I found a really cute cartoon that my Dad mailed me -no note, just the cartoon.(see above)

A note I left Jim and he then added to it.I didn't sign my name, but he added the xoxo. It was a habit we had, leaving each other notes, if one was leaving for work before the other. I often put them in his lunch bags to give him a smile.

I found a cut up credit card -in Jim's name and I think one of the first ones he paid off. Stamps- a pack of 1 cent stamps. Several cd's that have nothing written on them. Lots of pens. My Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper with removable helmet action figure. Oh, yes, the rechargable batteries for my camera that I have been looking for. The list of my family members birthdays and such, I have been looking for this for awhile. My dogs rabies license tags.

Deep down in the pile there was a photo of me from when I lived in a three story house. Just me and another girl rented the place. It was great. It was back in 1986ish?

Of course most of the bills and papers were sorted through and some need to be shredded, some organized and some just set in the organizer for bill paying.

I wonder if I let things pile up like this because of sheer laziness or the unconcious thought of how much fun it is to go thru it all when the time comes. Below is the card that has been propped up on the back of my desk. It was given to me from Jim for our 14th wedding anniversary. .


Lynnbug said...

I love to do that! I pack things away and forget about them. Then comes a day when I may be moving or just have the urge to clean. I always find all sorts of stuff! I was helping my girlfriend pack some things away, and we found her childrens first Christmas outfits! I remembered them all to well and it was so much fun to look at them and remember times past. The children are grown now.

Rach said...

Oh, what treasures!

Those words Jim wrote--so beautiful! :o)