Friday, August 29, 2008

The Queen

I was thinking about grief today. I mean, I have always thought of myself as fairly empathic. Feeling the feeling of others. Feeling the sadness or joy or anger and being able to touch it and enfold it. I have always treasured that part of me.

The grief that is still with me is touched. I touch on it everyday and it bubbles up when I am feeling anothers pain - a simple thing as watching the movie The Queen and seeing the outpouring of love that the English had for Princess Di. Watching as they cried for her. I found myself crying with them. The movie had many clips from the real life time of her death so you could see the pain.

Movies have been allowing me to get involved in the story and to show my emotions by crying when there is loss on the screen. I find that I can get thru the day just fine and then worry that I am not crying and then just a few hours later watching something that touches me. Of course, not everyday, but some days.

I have leaned towards comedy, buddy movies and action or the like because I am not up for romance or mega drama. Netflix has been a help here. To be able to find the movies I didn't see last year and some of my favorite classics.

So tonight, watching The Queen, I am struck by what an interesting perspective. The Queen is actually grieving the death in her own way and is criticized for it. You don't really catch that she was grieving as she was denying she was until the end, but watching her see the flowers put out by the people, the actress makes that emotion come forward. The pain is there in her eyes.

Which then of course is why I was feeling it with her. It is great to find a movie that strong and can stir the emotions - grief or affection or anger or laughter.


Lynnbug said...

Im glad you were able to write today. Grief has so many stages. I think we have to hit them all.

Betts4 said...

Yes, and then of course you hit them again. Maybe not all of them again, but some come back for sure.


Sharon said...

I loved that movie, especially Helen Mirren's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth. She opened a window into the isolated and stress-filled life of a female world leader, and gave me more empathy towards the Queen. She is an extraordinary actress.

I can recommend the movie, "Once," for your viewing -- simple story, beautiful music - I rated it high on my Netflix list.

Have a great Labor Day weekend - hope you enjoy a time of rest and refreshment.