Monday, August 18, 2008

Loss of a son

I learned about a friend whose son died from lukemia this weekend. Robbie was a vibrant and outgoing young man. He touched many lives and as such, all were touched in a positive manner. This was a boy that had just reached manhood and as such was reaching out to new things with his arms and heart wide open. He had learned from his father and mother good ethics and community involvement. He was not fearful of experiencing new things and leading others. He will be missed by many, just as we were enjoying the fun he was having in coming into his own, he is lost.

I grieve with the family in their loss.

Crossing my mind more and more it seems, is the wisp of a need to hear Jim's voice. Just a passing desire. I see his face and feel the love in his eyes from the photos. His voice is gone. I hear it in my head but want to hear it in my ears. This is not the first time I have written about this yearning, it has just seemed to be a stronger pull lately.
It is funny how the mind works. I can be moving right along thru the day and then bam it hits. Or I can be moving thru the day and it doesn't hit till late at night, when I actually stop and think wow it hasn't hit all day. That's what happened yesterday.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

How sad... My heart goes out to the family.

And to you too

Rach said...

Please know my heart and prayers go out your friends. I'm so sorry for their loss.

Oh, Betsy, how I wish I could somehow get Jim's voice for you. I understand this need, as I have it as well. I've got some short video clips of Han and I watch them just to hear her sweet little voice.


Lynnbug said...

That is sad. Im so sorry for his family and friends.

Lynnbug said...

That is sad. Im so sorry for his family and friends.