Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dad update

I spent the day at the hospital and am very glad that I was there to be with my sister. She drove in from WV and my friend took me out there. We helped each other get thru the day. We only saw a few minutes of my dad, he slept most of the time and we didn't want to bother him.

He did go in for an MRI today and after several hours, the neurologist came to say that they discovered some bleeding in the brain and diagnosed his problems as relating to a stroke. A small one, but still it hit hard enough to injure his communication center. This didnt show up on the catscan they did yesterday.

So, the good news is we know what is causing the problem. The better news is that he is being told he has to stay at the hospital for a couple more days and then has to go to a rehab center to relearn. This will help him with speech and other things that were disrupted. My stepmom was ready to bring him home and set him up in the front room on the couch. That upset me. I am glad the hospital and doctor are suggesting the rehab center for a couple weeks. It is easier for her to accept that way.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!


Rach said...

Happy Fourth, Betts!

I'm so glad they have given a diagnosis--and one that ultimately has a rehabilitative solution at that. I'm glad he was there at the hospital when it happened and he will be getting help.

Big HUGS, Friend!! :o)

Linda said...

I'm continuing to pray for your Dad, Betsy!

Lynnbug said...

Im glad that they have a solution/diagnosis. Many prayers for his continued recovery.