Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dad Photos

So, I am hijacking a blog filled with memories about Jim to toss in some photos and memories of my Dad. He is still in the hospital and will be having an MRI done this morning to see if that shows a cause for his problem.

The one above is my Dad in his kilt he wore while attending Carnegie University (now it is Carnegie Mellon) in Pittsburgh. I think he was telling my mom to join him in the pic.

This is Dad and children, the most recent pic taken.
It was just a month ago at a WW2 veterans reunion.

My Dad and his wife taken about 6 months ago at a birthday party.

There are some of my friends that said they can see Sean Connery in my dad. Something about the eyebrows and the look.

If you can't tell, this was taken in the late 80's. Look at that 'do on me! And those jeans! The little blonde gal in front is now a sophomore in college.

Father's Day 2 years ago. My Dad and Jim and my stepbrothers. They gave all of the men a shirt that said "Grateful Dad", a play on the group grateful dead. It was a great day for Jim and my Dad, they played their wives at horseshoes and almost won. I think Jim may have thrown the game because of my whining about losing. We had some lemonaide, chicken on the grill and sat out on the new deck area. I like those moments with Dad because we are a small group and it's more one on one then when it's a party.


Rach said...

Yes, I can definitely see the Sean Connery likeness. :o)

That '80's photo was too fun. I remember that hair and those jeans. ;o)

My prayers are with your family. I hope the MRI turns up something useful.

Linda said...

Oh Betts! Those are wonderful photos. What it is about a man in a kilt that is so "manly".
Love the hairdo Betsy! You are right in style!!