Monday, July 28, 2008

A new thing and a better day

My coworker talked me into joining Netflix today.

Jim and I never joined because he was always the "must own it" kind of guy.

So I went online, joined up and starting looking over movies. Oh what fun! I can finally watch about a dozen (so far) movies that I always wanted to see, never wanted to go to the trouble to rent and definately not to buy.

Ratatouille! Knocked Up! I am Legend! I will be able to watch them maybe by Wednesday. They have some great classics and film noirs that I have wanted to see and a few tv series I missed. I went with the three at a time plan. I will have to be sure to use this as incentive. You know, do a project in the house, watch a movie.

I am also happy because I got ahold of my tax preparer and he is going to go over what the IRS is having a problem with my return. I want to tell him, hey you made the error you pay the bill. Argh. It will be turbo tax for me next year.

Thinking of movies got me thinking about how much a part of my life they are and how they have been a way to find new places to go - in a fantasy - but also a way to meet and connect with people. There are lots of film geeks out there and Jim and I were a couple of them for sure. Going to the movies last night, alone, was okay, though of course I missed having a hand to hold or someone to whisper comments about the movie to. It seems something to get used to and relearn.

On a side note - my dad had lots of quirks, like everyone else. I have several of his. One I realized the other day was the line between upper and lower on the hand. It sounds odd but I noticed that he had this years and years ago and renoticed it while holding his hand in the hospital. I am not sure if my siblings have this. I think my sister may. For me it sort of shows the Greek/olive skin heritage. I in no way have olive skin. But there is this line that matches my dads. Heck, maybe everyone does have it, I just never looked.

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Molly said...

I am new to your blog. But let me tell you my heart bleeds for you. But I have to ask. What do you mean by the line between the upper and the lower on your hand? I wish you we could go out for a coffee! I think we could be friends if we lived anywhere close to each other!

I live in Cali. let me know if you are ever over here on the left coast.