Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dad in hospital

Well, it's a sad day here. My Dad is still in the hospital. He went in a week ago for a operation to remove an infected toe. He is diabetic and has high blood pressure and some heart problems. The operation was last thursday night and for two days afterward he slept most of the time.

Since then he has had a lot of trouble speaking and making sense when he talks. His speech is halted and he will start a sentence, get three words out and then stop and not finish. The worst part is that he knows what he wants to say, but somewhere in the thinking it, he forgets or is not able to say it. He realizes that this is happening and is frustrated by his lack of communication. My stepmom says he can't read and can't write anymore.

He couldn't sign his name for the neurologist and when asked some questions, some he could answer fine and some - like what is 5 + 3, he couldn't say. He would say 'I don't know' in a voice like he is trying to, but can't remember.

What is frustrating for us/his children is the doctors can't really say what is happening or why. Before the operation he had sometimes a slowing in his responses during conversations and sometimes was fine.

I spoke to my stepmom about all this tonight and suggested a second opinion and she flat out said no way. Very adamentantly. She said that their doctor - a cardiologist - is doing everything and what could a second opinion tell us? I don't know but we are living in a city with some darn fine hospitals in them. And the neurologist came because my dad asked for one. My sister suggested it and my stepmom said no, not needed. My dad later that day told her he needed one. My stepmom said okay and talked to their doctor and he said okay. So there is SOME brain cells working, he just can't say the words he wants to.

I called this afternoon to see how he was and my stepmom said he was just asking her to call me. She handed the phone to him and he said "I had a premonition. (long pause) I want you to call Ed and ask him to call me." There was lots of halting in between the words. I said of course I would. We hung up and I called my Uncle Ed. He said that he had been talking to my dad and a nurse came in and dad couldn't talk to them both and hung up on Ed without saying good bye or anything. I don't know what the 'premoniton' was. I don't really think there was one, but I think my dad was using that word in place of another one.

I am going to see him tomorrow afternoon. It is not going to be easy to see my Dad like this. I can imagine he is really hating what has happened. He always said he never wanted to be in this spot and be a burden.


TigereyeSal said...

This sounds so hard. I hope you and your dad find a way to communicate somehow tomorrow.


CarolChretien said...

Hi Betts...I just caught up with the has been crazy busy as usual. Leo planted the "memory flowers" in the yard wanted growing things for remembering Jim.
they are white impatiens and red and white petunia.
Sorry about your Dad's health crisis. I hope it resolves and it is only the infection or antibiotics causing the problem.
Hang in there Kiddo! Hey...I can't believe it...Lizzie is going to be 10!!! hugs Carol

Rach said...

Betsy, I'm So sorry you are going through this.

It sounds to me, almost like he had a stroke. My dad had a stroke when he was forty and exhibited many of those symptoms. It's all so very hard no matter what it is and I'm SO sorry.


Lynnbug said...

Sorry that you and your family is having to go through this. Hopefully everything with turn out okay. My thoughts are with you.

Linda said...

Oh Betsy,
I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. It is a difficult situation, and takes me back to 1988 with my own father.
Many,many hugs are being sent your way.