Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wet Vacs rule!

The days are getting prettier outside. Warm air, blue skies and not a hint of the humidity yet to come. These are the days of perfect weather, that I wish would stay with me. Not too warm, not too cool, just right.

I have had a hard time getting thoughts together to write. I have been trying to pull some memories out and I feel like everything I think of I have already written. I wish there was a way to print the blog out a page at a time and not have the stuff on the side there. I would like to make it a booklet to reread.

Can't say I am sure why, but I am finding myself much more sensitive to the tv shows recently. More so than in the last few months. I cry when sad things happen, I cry when happy things happen, I cry at the stupid commercials that talk about life insurance. Many of things I can't even watch, I change the channel when a guy gets intubated (the tube in his mouth) or when they mention that someone had a heart attack or even just the dog had died. There seem to be less and less shows that I can watch without pain involved. I don't understand it. I also am not fighting it and I am thinking the tears are just a step up to the next plateau. They really only occur in the evenings when I am home alone and missing Jim the most.

To change the subject - thank god for wet-vac's. My basement flooded last night and it was a nasty mess. It had something to do with the hot water heater but I am not sure what. Anyway while talking to my brother he mentioned if I had a wetvac to use that to clean the water up. Eureka! I had completely forgotten we had one. See, this was the kind of mess where I was just the 'hand me this' 'get me that' person and Jim did the actually figuring out of what to do. I am happy to say that I knew some of what to do before I called my brother, but thank god he reminded me of the wetvac. I knew just where it was and how to use it, but had just forgotten something that Jim would have gone straight for.


Rach said...

Yes indeed, thank GOD for the wet vac! :o)

I highly recommend geek tv (Discovery, PBS, History channel) as there has been nothing that sends me into a tailspin on them. Seriously. I think I might just collapse if I saw a show with intubation. I can barely get the memory of Han with that awful tube out of my mind. (I'll spare you the graphic details of my memory, as I'm sure you have a horrible one of your own.)

Betsy, I don't care if you repeat a memory. I LOVE reading about your Jim and what a delightful and delightfully funny guy he was. :o)

And, thank you SO much for your very kind offer of a getaway. I've so come to cherish the friendships I've made through my blogging. did you see the article on today about blogging be a sort of group therapy? It was very interesting...

My prayers and HUGS are with you this evening, Betsy. I can feel your sorrow tonight.


Linda said...

Just keep writing, even if it is repeated, because this is your space. Like Rach,I love hearing about Jim, so any repetition would go unnoticed.I'm sorry your having a tough time with the TV these days. Good think that the weather is nice so that you be outside.
Big hugs for you!