Thursday, May 8, 2008


A memory came to me tonight as I was looking at a little keychain that had a photo in it. It was a pic of Jim and I, heads tipped together and smiling. It was taken at a relatives wedding in the early years of our marriage.

It brought to me the memory of our dancing. We didn't go out on many dates that involved dancing, but we did jump on the dance floor when at a wedding or reunion or party. Jim was great to dance with because when we slow danced our bodies fit together like we were carved from the same stone. And when we danced to the rock'n'roll, it was hard to keep up with him.

At the science fiction conventions we attended there was usually a late night DJ hosted party with dance floor and cash bar. This made it fun. We would sit with friends and Jim would then proceed to dance with each of the women at the table. Or sometimes 3 or 4 of them at once. It was a good time and great to see him smiling, laughing and flirting. Fun! There was a simple joy in sharing the evening with friends. These friends we may only see once or twice a year, but the comarderie is there. This was a time when Jim did his best to just let loose and enjoy himself. There was always stress in our lives as far as bills, jobs and broken dreams, but when Jim got dancing, he went footloose.

How can I describe the look on Jim's face when he hit the dance floor? I was sitting here trying to and I can see it in my mind, but not the words. Dancing at our wedding is on video and that just makes me smile so to think of those moments. Music was a part of him. He was in a band in his high school years. The Ascots. What a band name! Well it was the late 60's. He was a bass player, asst. drummer and backround chorus. He said they did some hopping around town playing at bars and a couple school dances and such. Hearing him talk about his younger years always made me feel more like a part of his life. What was also fun was when we were at his friends and they talked about his band days. Stories like how his mother would howl about the noise in the basement and toss them all out of the house.

One of the neatest pieces of techno stuff that Jim had was tower that had a cassette/dvd player, then the equalizer section and then the volume and such. Three seperate pieces that all work together to play the music. Jim's favorite toy was a wireless headset that he hooked up to that, played the dvd's and then could go anywhere in the house or yard and hear his sounds. He worked out and exercised to the music. It was an important part of his life that you could hear not only when he sang but also when he danced.

Sing on Jim, Dance on Jim!

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Linda said...

Just another little part of Jim that makes me smile....
Dancing is so wonderful for the soul.Who can be unhappy when they are dancing like a dervish!! I don't even care if people can't dance, I love to watch.
Wonderful memory, Betsy.