Saturday, May 3, 2008

disney dal

I searched high and low at Disney world for 101 Dalmatian related items. There was next to nothing. I couple of plush Dals and one very nice small collectible statue that nicely enough matches another one I have. No tee shirts, no posters, nothing. I was very sad.
Then, I walked into "Pooh's Corner" - the Winnie the Pooh store, and found this guy.

I then wandered into the 'Christmas store' and found these guys playing on the chimney mantle.

Tried to pry one off of the mantle and buy it, but it was a no go. So for all my hopes of finding Dalmatian related items, I came home with one collectible statue and some pics.

I did have a great time at Disney. I road the Tower of Terror - once. I will be happy not to ride that ever again. It was not as my friend said 'not so bad'. I went on the Star Tours ride and that was a blast. I would do that many times again. I wandered around Magic Kingdom and the Hollywood studios. Had dinner at Chef Mickey's and had a picture with Goofy. Had another dinner at the 50's mom's kitchen, where you got yelled at if you didn't eat your beans. The monorail was really neat and my friends knew enough to ask to sit in the front with the captain. What a great view!

I also got to meet some friends from Georgia and some from NH that were going to be there around the same time. We had dinner together and that was a blast. All in all a good time.


Rach said...

Betsy, it sounds as if, in spite of the sorry lack of dalmatians, you had a wonderful vacation.

Thank you for sharing with us. I've never been to Disney and hope to get there...some day. :sigh: :oP

Linda said...

Oh, how I love Disneyworld!!Bruce's parents live in Florida, so we go every time we visit them.
Big Bummer on the dalmation stuff. You would think that they would cover everything!! I was on the hunt for a piglet mug to replace one that disappeared, and I had no luck either. Not that I did'nt find some, but not the one I wanted. Hey, we even have our faces on the Leave a Legacy scuplture at Epcot!
I'm so glad you have fun.

Linda said...

Betsy, I forgot to mention you going on the Tower or Terror! I can't believe you did. I could not be paid enough!!! My favorites are the kiddie rides like Peter Pan and Mr Toads Wild Adventure. Okay, I also love the Pirates of the Caribean, but keep me on the ground! We did on the Soaring over California ride at Disneyland, which is just a hoot, but the first time I spent the entire ride trying to fasten the kiddie seat belt on me. The illusion of flying was so real to me that I was almost in tears from fear. When it stopped and my son said,"Mom, look down-you are like 10 feet off the ground" I was so embarrased. Of course we went and got fast passes again so that I could have a do over and enjoy it!!