Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few more sides of Jim

To honor Jim's life and not his death, here are some photos that I dug up and want to share. I am not sure if I have posted these before, but I don't think so. Looking at the photos definately helps me to remember the Jim I love.
The Jim that had many sides, as we all do.
Anyway, this is a shot of Jim doing what he did best. Being the life of the party. We were in St. Thomas V.I. for a company awards ceremony. The night's entertainment was several island dancers. One of which had asked for help from someone in the audience to peel some articles off clothing of her.
Guess who volunteered!
This next shot is Jim as both Best man and Giver away of the Bride. The wedding took place in our house in Boston and the Groom was a friend of Jims. The Bride was a woman who had lost both parents and Jim said he would walk her down the 'aisle' (our hallway). You can see our wedding photo to the left there. This is a great example of Jim stepping up to the plate when help was needed.

Oh, The Force is Strong in These Ones....
A few of our friends after seeing Revenge of the Sith. Jim is trying his Jedi mind control but it's not working. Or is it?
This is a family picture. Jim's son is on the far left and his daughter in the middle. He was always very proud of them. This was taken at his daughter's 'a month after the wedding', wedding reception.
So, Jim has many faces.
This is the sort of drunk Jim on New Years Eve 2007.

At last, but not least, here is Jim (well, Jim's head) at the musical 'Spamalot'. We went up with a group of good friends, had a blast - went to see the Empire State building, wandered the streets and saw the show. This is a standee that was outside the theatre and had a hole for you to stick your face in. So of course, Jim did.

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Rach said...

Oh, these are WONDERFUL! Again, this is a beautiful tribute to a fantastic man. Thank you so much for sharing Jim with us and making him so real for those of us who were not privileged to know him in this world.