Friday, May 30, 2008

Note on the table

Jim loved to leave me notes. Well, we left them to each other actually. I loved to hide them in his lunch bags or brief cases and he would leave them on the kitchen table. Jim left this one for me and it was the last one he gave me.

I found it on the table when I came down for breakfast. He had left at 4:30 am that morning and knew I wouldn't see him again till thursday. It was that thursday that he came home from work sick and we went to the ER. It was his last note to me, but it says it all.


Betts4 said...

Okay, so I realized that I posted this same note and blog on october 2nd. I had forgotten. Oh well. I have this note framed and on my wall. It is a comfort to see his writing and his heart signature. I just wanted to share it. (again)

Rach said...

No worries about repeats. It is special and wonderful and awful all at once and it needs to be shared. Share it as often as you like. I have a note Hannah wrote says, "I love you as much as I can" that I look at every morning. It is written in pen in such childish hand and it is beautiful in that she loved me so much and awful because she is no longer here to leave me any more notes.

The tragedy of loss is never ending.


Oh, and thanks for the palindromic boys' names. :o)

Marsha said...

What a lovely memento to have. I would have framed it as well. Your post made me smile today.

Laurie said...

You must have needed to be reminded and Jim let you know. We can never be told we are loved too much! I keep all of these notes from my honey and my two sons too. Just the words give me a hug.

Love, Laurie in Ca.