Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tripped over them

I was going thru some pic files, looking for photos of my dad and all of his children. I wanted to send him four photos, one with each of us and him. Not all four of us together, but more like a one on one thing. I think I got all of them. So, in looking for these, I tripped over a couple of Jim photos that I have to post.

Here is Jim at my Dad's farm. He is playing horseshoes, he was good at this. To watch his smooth hand action as he tossed the shoe and to see him line it all up, if I said it was poetry in motion you may laugh because it was just a game of horseshoes, but I saw it that way. He focused on getting things right and enjoyed this moment for both the relaxed social time it gave him and also the fun of winning. Which he did, a lot.

My older brother and our dog Mercury are also in the pic (my brother is the one in blue). I like this picture because it is a natural candid shot. Just a couple of guys having some fun. I was just walking around taking photos and caught this moment. It was taken at one of the multi-family reunions/picnics that my Dad hosts in the summer.

Now for another very candid shot, here is a rare picture of Jim.

His backside.

Yep, I realized when looking at it that I haven't seen his backside in awhile because all the photos are of his face and front and such. I miss his cute little backside. I am glad I tripped over this.

As a note, Jim never wore shorts. Even in the summer he stuck to the khakis or dockers. The only time he exposed his legs was to go swimming. This was taken at the other end of the horseshoe area. The guys in the distance are a younger brother and older cousin.

This next pic is a real surprise. It is photo of a younger Jim, pre betsy. He is with his two children, John and Michelle. I am thinking they just got off a ride at a theme park or such. I don't know. I love the looks on all their faces. Happiness and fun. Jim looks pleased and proud to be their Dad.

And now, as requested by a friend, some more pet pics. Tigger and Mercury, then Mercury, then Tigger, then Jim's cat Figaro.

Figaro is sitting on the table that is by the front window. He is a beautiful tuxedo cat. He was Jim's cat for sure. He is now 15 years old and has become very friendly with me. It is nice that he is. I know it is because he misses Jim's attention. I know I have mentioned this before, but I was thinking of it again tonight.
It is nice to sit and pet him and hear the purring noise that the cats make. Very hypnotic. I have turned off the tv some nights just to listen to his purrs. Of course, as soon as I do that Tigger gets all attitude about the fact that I am giving the cat attention and not her. Dogs. What can you do?
Looking at pictures is a balancing act. I don't know why the last couple days have been especially tough. I keep finding the pain happening and the tears coming and I am not home so I know I can't really let loose. Otherwise my face looks funny and people stare. I mean, not that I care, but it still bugs me. So I come home and cry a bit and cuddle with the pet family here.
Finding these photos have soothed things a little. But the balance in sadness at looking at the photo and thinking this is gone, but a smile in remembering what we had and what an interesting addition Jim was to this world and to me.


Rach said...

Pictures can be so bittersweet. :sigh:

The ones you posted are wonderful. Thank you for sharing! :o) Isn't it nice to have a photo of a much loved hiney? ;o)

What happened to Mercury's leg? I had a three-legged cocker spaniel who lost a leg when he was hit by a car.

As for the crying, I'm sorry. I'm just so so sorry for your loss.

Betts4 said...

Rach, it is actually Tigger who is the three legged tripod of a gal. Tripod is my dad's nickname for her.
She suffered from owner neglect/abuse. Jim and I did rescue in boston and she was one we saved. She was hit by a car and they never took her to a vet. They wrapped the leg in duct tape and two weeks later called us when it started to smell.
Another dalmatian owner friend, Jim and I went to see her. She was hopping, bouncing and happy to see us. Jim cut three layers of duct tape off the leg, looked at me and said 'she is coming home with us'.
8 years later, she is still bouncing around (hence tigger).

Linda said...

Ahh, the memories that pictures can bring. Sometimes I look at photos and it seems as though I can even remember the smell in the air..(that happens especially with childhood photos.
I'm sorry that you have felt more weepy lately.I know how difficult it is to hold back tears when you aren't
in a comfortable place.
I'm sending you lots of hugs!

Rach said...

Wonderful tale of rescue. Sorry to mix up the pooches.

Thank you for sharing them with us! :o)