Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bismo's Dream

An amazing email from a friend -------------------------

"Betts, I still read the blog regularly (even if I don't comment much), I don't envy you the journey but I think it's great that you can share it with so many.

I must admit I still think of Jim pretty often, and can't believe it's getting close to a year...I actually had a dream about Jim a few months ago, been meaning to mention this for quite a while but never seems like something I wanted to sit down and write.

I dreamed that while my wife and I were walking the strip in Las Vegas last fall. watching some sidewalk shows, Jim and some other guy came around the corner, laughing and talking!

I took him aside and told him you were worried sick about him and we'd thought he was gone, he just smiled and said it was alright, he'd talk to you soon... but didn't seem worried.

I actually got angry and started berating him about the way he was treating people... and interestingly enough at that point he wasn't Jim any more, he was now one of my co-workers who sometimes has been known to make mistakes. Almost as if my subconscious couldn't deal with chewing out the dead guy? The dream freaked me out but sure was interesting!

I apologize for not mentioning it sooner but again, never felt like the right time to just sit down and put it on "paper". But it was good to see him, and he was happy.
- Bismo"

Isn't that just amazing? I am still shaking my head and wondering just how this all works. My mood swung so much as I read the dream. Imagine, Jim was in other people's dreams. I can't stop smiling as I think about it. Okay, to be honest, some tears too, but they are because it means that Jim is being remembered by others...besides me. What a wonderful feeling for me that is to know. And heck, Bismo was willing to berate Jim in my behalf. But the last line - "he was happy" - made it very special.

I can stretch this a bit, maybe Jim is visiting other friends of ours and they are forgotten dreams. Oh and the 'other guy' he turned the corner with may have been Jim's brother who died from cancer, long and ugly, just six weeks before Jim had. I can see them roaming Vegas together.

Backround - Bismo and I have been friends since sometime around...what? 1985? ...and when he and Jim met after we married, they were comfortable right away. Accepted into the 'family'. That was important. I think it was the act of Bis offering Jim a beer that did it. Again, it was Star Trek fans finding other fan friends.

I have now started thinking about other dreams I have had - non Jim dreams but ones with people I know in them. My Mom is the only other person I have seen in dreams that is now passed away. That was a few months ago when she was helping me pack up the kitchen. Well, in the dream she was. For Bismo's dream I would love to find out when you had the dream and compare it to mine and see if Jim was in both our dreams on the same night or same week or something. Just curiousity.

Thank you Bismo for sharing the dream remembrance with me.


Bismo said...

My dream was last fall... actually while we were IN Las Vegas last October. Again, apologies at the delay, this was a VIVID dream and stayed with me a long time, it was emotional for me so figured it'd be more so for you and never really got it together to mention it.

No idea who the "other guy" was then, and now he's just a vague memory... but Jim I remember very clearly.

I offered Jim a beer? One of MINE?? I must'a been drunk! ;-) Naw, he was very much someone we were comfortable right away, and as I mentioned before I really regret never taking him up on the karaoke suggestion, I think we'd've rocked the house!

Linda said...

Heavenly, Bet's, just heavenly...

Laurie said...


Nothing like a cold beer to break the ice into new friendships. And dreams, and good memories, and of course the pain of losing and missing someone so much. It all just flows together in the new normal you are adjusting to as Jim is and always will be the head of your house and your heart. Have a wonderful Sunday inspite of the fact that Sundays are hard for you. I think of you daily and pray for you.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Rach said...

Jim sure touched many. How blessed you are to have friends that not only dream of him, but share those dreams with you.

I'm still hoping I have a Hannah dream some time soon...


Laura said...

How wonderful. It helps to know that others remember. Hoping your weekend was okay. Hugs to you...