Monday, March 17, 2008

Tired dogs

I went away for the weekend, to a friends, not far, but away from the house.

Came back with some really really tired dogs!!

Very funny. These guys had the run of the bottom level of the house, the large patio, the hill that was filled with trees and led to the long dock with some boats on it. They had a blast and couldn't stop running around. Chasing squirrels, running up and down the hill and even out on the dock. My one guy Merc who really doesn't like the water was great on the dock and even almost jumped over onto one of the boats.

I went out with them early Saturday morning and got some nice photos of the dogs on the dock, with the water and boats and sun rising. Mercury did a great job of posing.

We could have done without the dogfight, but it was just a couple dogs talking to each other about whose patio it was. The neighbors dog came running over saturday afternoon and met up with Tigger. Both females and both thinking they were defending their patio. And silly male dog Merc just hightailed it out of the way to let them females do their thing. No one was hurt, and Tigger was the last dog on the patio. It is not an uncommon thing and while scary for us humans, it is not a big deal for dogs unless they really get down and dirty. This was not that. A rough and tumble thing.

Sunday we went to the Botanical gardens in Washington DC. It was beautiful and I had fun exploring the uses of my new camera. I will post some pictures tomorrow of the dogs on the dock and the flowers.

We came home and they just pooped out. This morning waking them was tough and they did not want to walk, muscles were sore. It was like the day after you take the kids to the amusement park and they wear themselves out. These guys were aching. The rest today helped and they were up and running this afternoon. I think it was the hill that did it.

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Rach said...

You got a new camera too? How fun!! What kind did you get? I got the Nikon D40 and am in LOVE with it!

We have territorial dog fights as well. I always steer clear and try to let the dogs do their "thing" unless it looks like blood is about to be shed. ;oP

I'm glad you had a peaceful weekend away, Betsy. Sometimes we just need that.