Thursday, February 14, 2008

V day

Two more Valentines Day cards. I scanned them at work and they didn't come out to well. I am going to redo them tonight at home.
I miss Jim.
I wore black today in memory of him. But I also wore red in memory of our love.


rachd said...

The black and red combination was very appropriate and meaningful, Betsy. The cards are lovely, even if they didn't scan so well.

The curse of loving and being loved so well is the hell of living without that person. The blessing is the memories we have of them, even when they hurt. You have so many beautiful memories because Jim loved you so completely, as you loved him.

HUGS my friend, and prayers for peace in the coming days.

Betts4 said...

Thank you for the hugs and the understanding of the black and red.

I had the hell of telling a friend of Jim's of his passing. It is someone we hadn't seen in years, but they were friends. I emailed him and got an email back.

Now the darn Honda commercial comes on where they sing "hold on tight to your dreams" and that was the song that Jim loved in the last year and sang all the time. I can't hear it without hearing his voice. I am losing it tonight after a whole day of feeling okay.

darn it.

rachd said...

You know, they're everywhere, especially when we least expect them, and that makes it all the harder. Hang in there!