Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roses are Red

I'm going to write this tonight, tomorrow is going to be a tough one. Not really because it is Valentine's day, but more because Jim always tried to make it special. Our first Valentines day, Jim came home with a tattoo on his arm. I know I have mentioned this. It had my name, a heart and a rose. He walked in with the patch on his arm and a smile. We had been married just 4 months and had just moved into our own place.

This is the last card that he gave me. I have that up where I see it everyday. It inspires me to go one more day

He gave me roses every year we were married. So tonight, I went out and bought some roses for myself. But from him. Because he would have wanted it. He also always brought home a box of chocolates. In can't think of any year that he forgot.

I have a photo here of some roses that he gave me, I think last year, 2/07. Who knew what was coming. I guess no one can know. I have the flowers I bought for myself. I can touch them and think of him. I put them in the vase that this flower in the photo is in. I can hope that he knows I feel his love on this special day. And, well, everyday.
edit - 2/14/08 I found in my drawer at work 4 roses from this dozen. They were ones that I took to work last year to remind me of Jim and to show them that my man loves me. I put them in the drawer to dry out. They are now next to Jim's urn.


Donna said...

The flowers are as beautiful as your love for him....Thinking of you today sweetie!!hughugs

rachd said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Betsy. What a romantic sweetie Jim was. Enjoy your flowers and chocolates. Many hugs for you today. I'm thinking of you and so many others.

Laurie said...

Sweet memories Betsy, and I am so glad you carried them on and bought yourself the flowers that Jim would have bought. Love never dies, it lives in our hearts forever. I hope the day is special for you. Sending you Big Hugs today, and love.

Laurie in Ca.