Thursday, February 14, 2008

Roses are Red part two

These are the roses that I got myself last night. I love the colors and if you look, there is sort of a two tone to them. That is on purpose.
I took the pics with my new canon rebel xti and love the depth of field I could get, making the closer ones in focus and the others less in focus. My neighbor was very sweet and brought me home a single pink rose and a small box of chocolate. Applause to Alan for thinking of me, he said he knew it would be a tough day.
I had my meltdown tonight. I went up to the room and saw the heart shaped pillow that Jim gave me one year. It is a little thing that I haven't looked at in years or to be honest didn't know quite what to do with. It is pretty dusty now. But I saw it and started crying. I was crying because I have only found a few things that Jim gave me and I know there are more than I can remember. Crying because I am missing Jim right now and tonight was pretty lousy.


rachd said...

That is a fantastic camera you have! The flowers are gorgeous! Kudos to your sweet and thoughtful neighbor, and for a good cry as well.

You did well yesterday, Betsy. This sucks and you made it through. HUGS!

Laurie said...

The roses are beautiful Betsy, I can almost smell them on the screen. I was not surprised to read that your meltdown came, but my heart hurt for you anyway. Such a tough time and so many memories to deal with. You are doing it though and I am proud of you for keeping going. Bless your heart.

Love, Laurie in Ca.