Friday, February 29, 2008

Under the sea

A photo that was tucked away is bringing back some very warm memories. here we found a world of pure beauty, a peaceful sea with warm waters that opened it's arms to the two of us on that day.

As we snorkeled in the cove of an island, we discovered a new, incredible place. Each dive was into a world of luxury that we had not seen before. In the deep sapphire liquid holding heaps of riches, we were just engulfed by the elegance that was found there. A world we had not touched before. Amazement and pure joy touched us as we saw and felt and played.

The warm blue sky met up and mixed with an equally warm blue ocean. Jim and I found ourselves surrounded in such a kaleidoscope of colors, twirling shimmers as the lights from above reflecting down below and we swam thru them. A blue that I had not seen before. Azure, indigo, turquise, cobalt - a rainbow of blues.

We had an afternoon of joy together. Well, there was a whole boat full of other people, but we didn't care. We were snorkeling down in St. Thomas, off the boat Allura. On a 3 hour tour that took guests out on the water to some coves and let us get wet, sunburnt and have fun. I bought one of those cheap disposable underwater cameras. Not much else came out under the sea, but Jim did. This is Jim snorkeling on by me.

It was this trip that really sealed up what had been just a notion of what to do for our remains. Jim decided that since we both wanted cremation, no problem there. He liked the notion of having our ashes mixed together and then released over a beautiful blue ocean. He had that written in his will. It was a wonderfully sweet. I love the idea and have put a contingency into my will (which I just wrote last week) that money from the 'estate' (ha ha) will allow for payment for a ticket for the trip to be made.

From the honeymoon at an ocean side hotel on the Atlantic, to the deep crystal clear blue oceans of the Caribbean.


rachd said...

Beautiful and peaceful, Betsy.


Laurie said...


This is so beautifully written. Such a wonderful memory to keep tucked in your heart with all of the others. I think of you daily and pray for your days to be warm with love.

Laurie in Ca.