Saturday, February 16, 2008


Star Trek Conventions.
I think I have mentioned them before but today I am going to one. For the day. Friends are going to honor Jim in the evening. I am going for the day so I can hang out with friends that though we see only twice a year, we've been, I've been seeing them since around 1983. They live from all parts of the country and all convene here at to share a weekend of fun.

Here is Jim making funny faces at the camera. We are in a mall food court and my friends are in their Star Trek uniforms. Can you name which show?

One nice thing about these photos...I am not in any of them. As a photographer there are some privileges.

Picture on the right is three friends showing off their Star Wars costumes. The group below is the 'brat pack' of the mid 80's that I hung out with at conventions. Pre-Jim. Some of us are in costume, some are not. I have another photo I didn't post but it is of the ten of us that all shared a room one weekend. I think there was sleeping on floors, in chairs and on beds. We were wild and crazy in our younger days.

There is me! On the left in the black hood. Very short hair and also Pre-Jim. My friend and I were 'guards' for the queen in the middle. One the left here we have our friend Sophia. She is an artist that does fantasy portraits. She takes your dream and puts you in it with her art. Want to be an elf or a Trek captain or a Klingon or a viking? She can do it. I have 2 done by her for me
and Jim and I have one. It sits above the mantel - Jim is a Starship Captain and I am a Lady in green and gold. It is wonderful and we love it.

This last one is Jim and I after I won the tee shirt I am wearing. Well, Jim won it for me at a charity auction they were having. It is a tee shirt with Patrick Stewarts autograph on the front. I am going to have to write a blog about all the connections that Jim and I have with Star Trek. From the 3rd date to the aisle in Blockbuster to seeing the actors on stage and at conventions to...well a few other things that this shirt reminded me of.

Stated before, I know, Jim loved costumes and would love to come up with an idea, create it and wear it proudly. I have shown pictures of the Batman (his first), Green Lantern, Hulk, Superman and Duffman. At least I think I have. I am going to check this and come back to it later.

Well, that is a taste of the fun we have on those special weekends. We get to meet and hang with friends that know exactly what we are feeling when we talk about the wonder of Star Wars, the love of Star Trek and the beauty of good movies. Great friends!


Donna said...

OhMyWord!!! I would have loved to go to a Star Trek Convention!!! My heart belongs to Captain Kirk!!LOL...what a fun post!! Thanks sweetie!

Donna said...

PS- you have an award on my site!

Laurie said...

Hope you have a wonderful time at the convention Betsy. Good for you getting out and connecting with good friends. Hope to hear all about it when you post. Think of you every day and pray for good things for you.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

rachd said...

Betsy, I hope you REALLY enjoy the time spent with friends. How fun to come together over a common love!


dabrah said...

Hi Betts4
Thanks for leaving the comment on my post about dogs from broken homes. Yes please, I'd love as many stories and info as you're willing to give me.
I was having a quick scan through your blog, and I can really feel for you. Just over 6 years ago, I was where you are now. You're coming up to the first anniversary of losing your husband, and you're probably still shellshocked, but it does get easier to deal with over time (if that's any comfort). I hope you have a good time at the convention.