Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am not going to write a lot because I am tired. Just want to remember Jim in a way I thought of him tonight.

Moving stuff.

Jim loved to rearrange the rooms and move furniture upstairs and downstairs. Funny, my Mom did this also. When I was growing up it was every few months or a year things would get rearranged or new covers on the sofa or new drapes. Well I married a guy that did that also.

I remember when I realized that he and my Mom had the same qualities. It was when she came to visit us in Boston and - oh boston, just a flash of a memory of Jim walking in front of me with the sun setting and the dog at his side. Striding along in his blue camo pants and that smile on his face. - okay, memory over, so Jim and my mom decided one morning to reupholster the couch and he was going to move the furniture a bit. I watched the two of them discussing things and remembered my mom doing this when I was a kid. My mom and I had a great time redoing the couch together.

I remember this with Jim because tonight I rearranged my kitchen and moved the kitchen table upstairs. Here I will put it back together and make it my 'desk'. Big and able to hold more clutter.

It was standing on the stairs with my neighbor Alan holding the front end and me supporting the bottom and him trying to figure out how to get it up the steps and around the corner. I just saw Jim doing this same thing and cussing and grunting and trying to do it all himself. He was very good at doing this type of stuff himself or with help from me as I could.

Just a flash of a moving memory.

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rachd said...

What a fun memory, Betsy.

I'm glad you like the ranty post. I guess I feel as if people are trying to push us around when they say we should move on. What the heck do they know???

I wish you a wonderful day, Betsy!