Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Again a Dream

I had this dream early monday morning.

I was upstairs and heard the door open and Jim's voice come up saying 'hello'. I was happy he was home again. I don't know if I was thinking home from work, or home from being dead, but either way, I raced down the stairs, tripping over the cat and dogs.
I ran into the living room and stopped. I didn't see him. I know I heard his voice. I turned around and around.
Then I looked at the door to the basement and saw his arm and leg and shoulder. He yelled 'boo' or something from behind the door. I yelled at him not to do that and didn't he know how upset I was and scared and stopping doing that!

That is about when I woke up.

Now, to explain some of this. When we lived in boston we had an old farm house we rented. There were all kinds of places to 'hide' and Jim was always hiding behind a door or curtain or something and then jumping out at me. I always yelled at him to stop that and that it scared me. He would then hug me and tell me it was okay.

I don't remember him doing this after we moved.

I woke up with a sort of mixed feeling of good that I heard his voice and sad that I didn't see his face, but just parts of his body. I knew it was him from seeing that though. I remembered the dream and ran it thru my head a couple times to help me remember it when I woke back up.


Donna said...

That's a wonderful dream vision you had sweetie!! He's letting you know how much he still loves you and that he's watching over you..

rachd said...

Jim's coming to let you know he's okay and that he still loves you. How blessed you are to have had that experience, even if it was difficult.

I find it's the waking up and discovering they're still gone that makes things hard...

Laurie said...

A very special visit from your honey to let you know he is always with you. I could do without being scared half to death from behind the door though. I know it doesn't make missing him any less, but he is with you in your heart and in your dreams.

Laurie in Ca.

Elaine Williams said...

Wonderful dream. I too have dreamed of my husband since he passed away. Alot of times I just would lay there when I woke and just kind of bathe in the aftermath of the dream memory. I always felt it was a special message, knowing we were being watched over.