Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At the Convention

At the Star Trek convention I went to on Saturday, they had a small memorial for Jim. Part of it was in the program book they hand out to members. It was a one page write up about Jim and it was really sweet. I sent them a couple pictures and they were posted also. This makes the convention very special. The convention is run not by strangers, but by friends of ours. Jim enjoyed doing things for them at the convention and helping out.

On Saturday night there were a few words spoken from one of his friends and then a showing of the Superman movie that they made, with Jim as Superman/Clark Kent.

This movie was one of Jim's most proud things he had done. He loved Superman and made the costume himself. It was great to see the movie (11 minutes long) again and see Jim alive and having fun. There were a couple lines that really made me laugh and there was fun in hearing the audience get the jokes and laugh also. The movie had some shots of Superman 'flying'. They were able to do this with a blue screen and Jim laying on a table as they filmed it. It added some fun to the movie.

There were a couple lines at the end that hurt. Made me close my eyes. There is an end scene when Superman is killed by the bad guys. He is lying on the ground. Suddenly he gets up and grabs them and they say "Hey, we thought you was dead".
He answers with the line "You can't kill Superman- don't you know that I can stop my heart and hold my breath forever".

Superman goes on to capture them and the end credits roll. In the last scene of the credits they show and outtake of Superman flying. In true Jim fashion, he looks over at the camera, smiles and does a little wave.

Good bye Superman.


rachd said...

What a wonderful tribute your friends put together. My heart is aching for you as I read your last lines.

Just know I'm thinking of you, and if I could, I would give you great big HUGS!

Laurie said...

A very special tribute by your friends. My heart hurt too when I read the last lines. It does sound like you had a wonderful time and for this I am glad.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Bismo said...

I wish we'd been there, Bets, that sounds touching, sad, fun, and very appropriate all at once. I love the photo of Jim waving!

Donna said...

Oh Sweetie! What a tribute. Lots of hugs to you!!

gd said...

"You can't kill Superman - don't you know I can stop my heart and hold my breath forever." Look in the mirror and there he is, true to his words - right over your own heart, always.