Monday, January 28, 2008

A last photo

This is probably the most up to date photo of the two of us that I can find. It was taken on our visit to see Jim's brother and wife in Georgia. I can't even remember now if it was end of march or april. I just can't remember if there were any photos that I took of him after this trip. Our camera stolen from work the weekend of his viewing so any pics that were on there are gone. I can look at this picture and smile because it was a weekend that Jim enjoyed being with his siblings. They had just lost their brother to cancer less than a month earlier.

Jim had grown a goatee and when he died I had them shave it for the viewing. It just wasn't something he normally wore, but I knew he grew it for the new USPS job. We had just had brunch and were looking forward to a day out and about Athena GA. They hawaiin style shirt is a definate Jim thing and you can see them in many pictures of him. The possessive arm around my shoulder makes me smile.


Laurie said...

Great picture Betsy. I love that possessive arm around you. It says so much to the eye and heart. I see so much love here. Beautiful memory to keep fresh in your heart.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

rachd said...

What a wonderful picture. I confess it took me a moment to realize that was Jim--the goatee sure did make a difference.

I was devastated to read your camera and any photos of Jim that may have been on it were stolen. I'm so sorry. I know Brien searched every camera, every roll of film in VAIN in search of any last Hannah photos.