Friday, December 14, 2007

Horoscope 12/13/07

I was on the train and picked up a newspaper. While looking at the comics I read the horoscopes for the day. Mine today was -

"That which was lost may not be found, but you'll realize just what possible value it really has to you. Attitudes regarding possessions may change."

That which was lost? Jim was lost and may not be found. But, I find him in my heart and in my memories and in my soul. Maybe that is the value.
Attitudes regarding possessions? well, that's easier, I am trimming the 'things' in my house out. Which I wouldn't have/didn't do when Jim was alive. We had plans for the things that I am now dispersing. Plans that will not come to fruitation because it was plans for us as a couple, as a family.

I don't look at the horoscopes normally, but am glad I checked them out today.


rachd said...

Wow! I'm not usually a horoscope reader, but I may be checking mine out from now on. How odd and strangely insightful.


Laurie said...

Sometimes these things get it right and this one sounds like it did. Jim's value to you is more precious than gold. Memories and love that live on and are guarded in your heart can never be taken from you, therefore never lost. You do a wonderful job of keeping his memory alive and I feel like I am getting to know him through you. And stuff is just that, stuff. Hope you have a wonderful day today and your weekend has some blessings in store for you.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

christine said...

Since it's Christmas time, I'm delurking on blogs I read every now and then to say something.

You are a brave, sweet, intelligent soul. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with the world.

Much love and peace to you from Texas.