Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Definately one of those days

It was definately one of those days. If there was any emotion on the board that I didn't hit, I don't know what it was. Emotions in ( ) see below.

Starting out, I was at work and actually a bit eager to do the duties I had lined up for the day. I was cranking things out and all was well. (happy) Went to lunch, it was okay but then I came back to work and found that it was just one week till christmas. I hadn't quite thought about that. Somewhere in the back of my head I realized that the present from my secret santa, one from a friend and one from my sister were all I would have to open - that would be surprises. The others are things that I have gifted to myself, from Jim thru me. (sad) This thought made me cringe and want to make everything stop. I was upset enough to start crying and have to go to the ladies room for a bit.

I posted on my favorite message board this feeling and got a lot of support and warm feelings. It helps a lot to know you are not alone. (smile)

I came back and settled into the mundane chore of putting stamps on the 'please donate to us' postcards that we are sending out. (bored) I was chugging away at this and listening to some mellow classical music. My boss steps in and says that there was a decision by the board, (fear) (here I got scared thinking that's it, I'm fired...but no) he says because of the wonderful work we have done, to give each employee a year end bonus. (shock) I told him thank you and wow. I think he enjoyed the telling of us.

So I am happy now (happy) and I go to print some copies up. The paper jams. I pull one jammed up sheet out and it still is saying that it is jammed somewhere. I can't figure it out. (frustration) I call the help number and the csr walks me thru a couple things to check. As I am pushing on the green lever she told me to push on....CRACK a piece of plastic goes flying and the thing falls off into my hands. (oh my god). I tell the csr to send someone out tomorrow morning. We have 2000 copies to make and only about half are done.

I go and tell my boss I think I just blew my bonus. He looks at it and was remarkably calm. Asked if I had called them and I explained I was on the phone with them when it happened. He said okay. That is it. (relief)

I go back to sticking stamps on the postcards and trying to calm down. In a bit I go grab a bus and come home. I have a letter from a good friend of Jim's who wrote to give me support during the holidays. I cried reading that and I read it out loud to Jim. (sorrow) Stirring the crockpot that has my speghetti sauce for dinner makes me happy again. It tastes good! The dogs want to play so I give them a new dog toy and they go at it. Taking some pictures gets me laughing and singing 'My Favorite Things' from the Singing Nun. I started singing loud and improvising lines. (nutso)

I am not sure what the evening will hold, but it can only be more of a roller coaster ride!!!


Laurie said...

Well Betsy,
It sure looks like you experienced every emotion known to man all in one day. I hope your evening holds happy and content after your yummy dinner.Congratulations on the surprise bonus, that's always so neat to get unexpectedly. The letter you came home to sounds like it was really heart softening. Have a great evening and a restful nights sleep. After today, you have earned it!!
Laurie in Ca.

rachd said...

It's just an emotional roller coaster, isn't it? Please know we are all here with you, no matter what emotion you happen to be experiencing at that moment.


P.S. Congrats on the bonus! :o)