Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Got hit while watching a favorite tv show tonight. Hit right between the eyes. Well, right in the heart.

I had tivo'd and episode of 'Bones' and was on the couch with the dogs and cat. As I watch I realize this is a christmas episode from a different season. Okay, that's fine I can handle that. Then They are quarantined, can't go home to see family and family must come to see them. Boom. Bam. Family scenes of them almost but not touching thru the glass. Music in the backround. A bittersweet desire to reach up to my own wall of glass and put my palm out and have his palm be on the other side and he with a smile on his face. The crying made the dogs sit up and look at me funny and caused the cat to run away.

I am going to have to monitor my tv watching more carefully I think.

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rachd said...

Oh, what a sad metaphor. My heart is aching for you this evening.

Isn't it odd the things that trigger the emotional flood?