Monday, November 5, 2007

Just a couple hours later

Just a couple hours later and here I am again.

Dishes are done, clothing somewhat picked up and went downstairs to sit with dogs and watch some tv. Come down to find a huge pee stain fresh and wet on the new el cheapo rug. I yell and scream and chase both dogs out of the living room and try to sop up the mess. I am mad, I am frustrated and I am tired of this crap. It has been going on for a few weeks. I got rid of one rug and just got this one. It was 20.00 bucks at Walmart but I just got it. Argggh. It is always in the same spot, and I have treated the wood, the rugs with I thought would get the smell out and break the cycle. Nope.

So I toss some newspaper under the spot and try to soak it up. I put some frebreeze on it as a stopgap till I can get some more of the pet stain/smell remover. I put my 3 legged dog who I think is the one doing it in the basement in her crate. I will do that for a few days. The thing is, I was not upstairs for long. I had let them out before I went up. I think she was just mad that I was upstairs and she wasn't. Well honey, peeing on the rug is not the way to get invited upstairs.

Just a couple hours later.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blogs all along, but now with renewed interest. A close friend of mine's longtime (25 years) boyfriend just died suddenly of a rare bacterial disease.

She's a lot more closed in than you, but reading what you've written will help me with what to say to her.

Betts4 said...
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