Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's Wednesday again

Just Wednesday.

Tuesday is 'work on cleaning out and organizing two totes/boxes of stuff' night. I had some fun doing that last night because I found a cache of slides. I love 35mm slides because they are so crisp and the colors so brilliant. Many of these were taken when I was in High School and are still very clear.

I think what I need to do is take them someplace and have them put on a disc for storing on the computer. I need a better way to store them/organize them. I am loving this taking pictures again thing. I really want to get a Canon EOS rebel digital SLR...maybe for christmas. Santa are you listening?

Just walking or riding around the city has been fun. I have ideas for photo books and one would be the 'Red Buildings of Baltimore' coffee table book. Simple things like gardening tools have a symmetry and color that I found interesting. I am taking a picture of the view from my backyard of the house across the alley. I am repeatedly amazed at how the lights play on this second story and how the colors change as the hours change in the day. I am just enjoying the taking a pic and having it be what I saw in my head it should be.

On another note, tonight is my company's Annual Dinner and Presentation. I have been taking pictures all week of projects and trying to get the shots my boss wants for the powerpoint project. I have now learned that getting info from him on what he sees in his head as the perfect shot is like pulling teeth from a rhino. Sigh.

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