Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pizza and Drills

Or maybe it should be Drills and Pizza.

I got a ride with a neighbor out to the Home Depot and picked up a cordless drill/screwdriver for my Dad for his birthday. He is 84 tomorrow and still plays tennis once a week and is working for the state. He actually retired from his federal job back in 1998 and got tired of being a homebody. He is an architect and his boss said once that Dad can't leave till he retires. (the boss). Of course his boss is only 40 something, so I don't think that will happen.

Anyway, I was plugging the cordless thing in to charge it up for Dad and pulled Jim's out. This is one that I got for him a few years ago for Fathers day. Actually, I got him a real fancy way more expensive one and he took it back and got a cheaper cordless and an electric one and a 100 ft of extension cord. Oh well. Whatever made him happy. So, I am looking over Jim's and trying the new screwdriver bits and drill bits that I got. I started having fun drilling holes in the wood in the laundry room where it wouldn't hurt anything. And the different sizes of the bits. I may get the handyman thing after all. Wheeeee.

Realized that I needed some food and ignored the stuff in the fridge that I had just bought today and ordered some pizza via online dominos. Simple and easy. Took a seat in the living room and watched some Dirty Jobs. That is a fun show. I took a long nap this afternoon and have a feeling I won't be going to sleep soon. I can catch up on Dr. Who and some other shows via the tivo.

And there is my saturday night all lined up for you.

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