Monday, October 1, 2007

Dream 4 month mark

So, I woke up this morning remembering the tail end of a dream I had. I am sorry I didn't have time to write it down then, but am going to try and remember it now.

Jim and I were carrying his box of ashes. Yep, see it starts odd.

Anyway, we were taking them somewhere and he was walking next to me and talking. I think we were in some sort of a park. We were walking around a sunken fountain/pool that was rectangular and heading for the rest room or sitting room.

I could see the green trees and Jim's body and face, I could hear his voice but not exactly what he was saying. We walked towards the doorway to the room and I realized I was moving thru water. I looked down and saw that the pool was overflowed and water was up to my ankles. Jim was a couple steps ahead of me by then and I realized that the pool was in sort of a basin and that we had come downhill to walk thru it and now going uphill. I had to get thru the water to get to the room. I was wearing some sort of tan leather ankle boots (which I don't own) and remember thinking the leather kept the water out and I am glad I don't have my danskos on, my feet would be wet.

Then we got into the room and put the ashes on the counter. We were taking some out for his siblings and daughter and using a teaspoon measurer. I was holding the bag and he was measuring. Then I realized in the bottom of the bag of ashes was a metal tube. I could feel the tube in the bag. I mean, I can still now remember the feel of it- the plastic, the way the ashes moved, the feel of the thing in the bag. All very real.

Jim said that it was a tube he had in his body and didn't get cremated. Maybe the tube they put in his heart. (i think that it was way to big for a 'stent', but hey, its a dream) We pulled it out and started to try and shake the ashes off of it and sort of laughing and then concerned and then I woke up. I am a little confused by this. But am glad I got to talk to Jim and see him again.

Anyone have any ideas?

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