Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Love Notes

We were always leaving each other 'love you' notes. Sometimes with an extra 'have a great day' or 'will be thinking of you' or other things. I always loved to put notes in his lunchbag and have him find them in the middle of the day when he may be stressed at work and he said it gave him a smile. This is the last note I got from Jim, he left it for me on the table to find when I went to work. He was going to work then staying at my brothers for a few days so the commute wouldn't be so tiring. I found it again later when going thru some papers. I miss his notes, but put this one in a frame and set it above the table where he would leave them.

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GD said...

Not having regrets on how Butch and I lived and truly loved each other has been consolation for me. Your relationship with Jim mirrors a lot of ours. The only thing we missed out on was more time. Hazel and Humberto (my hummingbirds) have packed their bags and flown off for Mexico. I'll look forward to their very tiny postcards this winter and listen for the beating of their wings next spring.